Roadwork = Opportunity

State Road 54 and SR 56

This was a sleepy little road with a big left hand return that took all travelers along another sleepy little road called Old Tampa Road. This was the most direct way to get from Central Pasco to Highway 75/275. Of course, when you went under the 75/275 underpass you were at the northern point of Bruce B Downs … and nothing was happening there either.

Now, the 54/56 Intersection is the gateway to the highway, to the Premium Outlets, the Cypress Creek Town Center, and in the Northwest quadrant construction is under way for a WaWa to serve the big rental apartment complex and the recently opened Wendy’s.

All in all, at this intersection, you will have more than 25 restaurants, coffee shops and smoothie bars to satisfy your hunger and slake your thirst. Add with high volume of traffic new diverging diamond configuration will be built and is under way now.  This FDOT youtube video is informative.

Increased Property Values and Stable Property Taxes

The Pasco County Tax Rate is expected to remain the same in 2020 as new development continues to expand the county’s tax base. The county is projecting a 9.5% increase in assessed value. The Pasco Mil Rate is the lowest off the three TampaBay Counties.

More Roadworks

Old State Road 54 Project is 4.5 mile Road widening from Wesley Chapel to Zephyrhills which is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021. The project is designed to reduce congestion between Curley Road and Morris Bridge Road.

The SR 56 extension from Meadow Point Boulevard to US 301 is scheduled for completion this fall. The Intersections at Morris Bridge Road and 301 will also be adjusted to ease traffic flow at these two busy intersections. The $59.2 million dollar project will be six miles long and will have a multi-purpose trail for bicycle, rollerblade and pedestrian use.  

Growth Spells Opportunity

Sports Center Work Site.jpg

Wesley Chapel and Land O’Lakes are two of the fastest growing communities in the State with new employment opportunities: a continually improving infrastructure, new schools (at all levels), several private schools, and a rich array of builders with new home plans set to satisfy everyone. 

If you are moving to our area let us know. We can help you find the builder and the community right for you, your family and your budget.