Now that Polar Vortexes Behind Us

Well, the snow birds must be on their way. Down here in sunny central Florida our winter was exactly one night close to freezing while the rest of the country slipped painfully into a total frozen freeze up. We’ve been getting 20,000 new residents a month -that figure will be going no where but up for the foreseeable future.

But, how’s the Real Estate market

In the last 90 days in Pasco 2,146 single family homes were active. Of that, 1049 were under contract and 1,847 were sold. Only 75 were bank owned and only 14 were short sales. Basically, this means we have less than a 90 days supply of resale homes on the market. And this can translate into a call for action for any one thinking about selling their home. We are seeing quality homes competitively priced selling in a matter of weeks. We would be happy to do a pricing analysis for you so you can get a sense of what is possible. Of course, it does help that the Fed has said there will be no more interest rate increases.