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Painting Help

Paint Choice

If you’re planning to paint your house this year let us recommend the Sherwin-Williams Commercial Paint Store. It’s not the easiest spot to find but, its worth the extra effort to visit them. Turn east on Carson, (just one block north of SR 54 on Land O Lakes Blvd), and turn right on Raden (Carson and Raden are two streets you’ve probably never seen or visited) and you’ll see Sherwin Williams on the right.

We recommend Sherwin Williams and Bob Gargus without reservation.

You can get wonderful advice and guidance on all your painting  problems, issues and hopes. Ask for Bob. He really knows his stuff and is willing to share that knowledge. The address & link to google maps is listed below.

Choosing a Painter

So, once we knew the paint we needed a painter. We selected Premier Painting Inc which is owned and operated by Dave Perras and Kiki Breto. There bid matched their bill exactly and they finished on time, too. They discovered and corrected a number of issues and helped us before, during and after the actual painting. On time and on budget.

We recommend Sherwin Williams and Premier Painting without reservation.

Call 813.967.2165