Pasco Growth

Continued Growth for Pasco County

The SR 54 / 56 Corridor continues to expand. With the opening of the SR 56 highway, the Corridor is 25 miles long and is the first time there is a four lane road system extending almost the full width of Pasco County. 

Along this Corridor are more than 15 new residential communities under construction, more than 160 cafe/restaurants, expansion of elementary and secondary schools and an expected population growth in excess of 20%.

Pasco Property Taxes Increase

Property values are going up which is the good news. But, because the property values are going up, the there will be higher tax bills to pay. However, the Florida Save Our Homes Program will limit the total tax increase to  2.7%. The County’s budget director calculates that the average annual property value increased by 9% in assessed value.

Tax Collectortor Cropped.jpg

Pasco Tax Increase

Property values are going up.

SR 56 Extends to Highway 301

State Road 56 extension is open. This is the first east/west four lane road running from US 301 in the East to Highway 19 in the west. The project took three and half years at a cost of $60 million. The extension is six miles long with intersections at Highway 301 and Morris Bridge Road.

End of Line SR 56.jpg

Finished and open

SR56 to US 301

Avalon Park West 

Avalon Park West continues development. Located seven miles east off Highway 75 on SR 54. Avalon Park West  is planned to be 1,650 acre master planned community with 4,400 single family homes and 10,000 residents. Included in the project will be new schools and a 130,000 square foot mixed commercial development also accommodating rental apartments. Starting prices for the regental community is $200,000.

SR 54 / US 41 Intersection Under Construction

SR54 / US 41 construction carry’s on. The project is designed to improve traffic flow at this busy intersection. Today, more than 100,000 vehicles use this intersection. In addition to the construction work, the intersection is an important part of Pasco County’s Long Range Transportation Plan as well as Vision 54 / 56 to make long term improvements along the SR 54 / 56 Corridor. The County is investing in this long range plan which is expected to be completed this fall for a cost of $1.1 million dollars.

Edison Suncoast Office Building

Located at the junction of the Suncoast Parkway and SR 54. In the Northpointe Village, Edison Suncoast Office Building will be a three building office complex. Designed to satisfy demand for Class A office space, the first building will be 77,500 square feet and will be completed by the second quarter of 2020. Apart from the building design, the property meets Class A requirements with easy and direct access to Tampa International Airport, freeway access to Tampa, St Petersburg and Clearwater, an ever expanding residential communities, new schools and two hotels. 

Major construction projects in Pasco County.

Major construction projects in Pasco County.