Central Pasco is Exploding

Central Pasco is exploding with growth and opportunity.

Many of us can remember when SR 54 from Trinity to Bruce B Downs was a sleepy little two-lane road with very little going on. When we moved to Land O Lakes the only restaurant was MacDonalds at SR41 and SR 54. There was no Land O Lakes Boulevard and,if you needed mobile home parts,heavy duty welding or some lumber you were in the right place. Beyond SR 54 was considered the far side of the moon. For many  prospective homeowners Wilderness Lake Preserve was located well beyond commuting distance to the City.


Pasco Building Explosion

20 Plus New Communities on the Rise.

Now, SR 54/SR56 (starting at Trinity) is twenty miles of solid traffic with people riding home to the 20 plus new communities under construction (not counting the vast Apartment Blocks also popping up) and the 150 Restaurants and coffee shops along the same roadway.  SR41/54 is on track to being one of the busiest intersections in TampaBay. 

The amazing growth in the area is in central Pasco with Wesley Chapel being the real engine of growth. Two other major intersections on the 54/56 corridor are at 275/75 and SR 56 and Bruce B Downs.

A lot has been happening - everyone of the following events, decisions and investments will affect everyone living in the area. We can look about and see new intersections being carved out of existing roadways (see SR56 at Highway 75), new schools and  upscale car dealers (Mercedes and Mini and Audi).

Ridge Road Project:

After 20 years the Pasco County Commissioners have approved the Ridge Road extension from Moon Lake Blvd to SR 41 in Land O Lakes. This will add a third evacuation route and compliment SR 54 and SR 52. The scheduled completion date is May 2022.

Central Pasco Business Development

A proposal for a 24 million-square-foot corporate business park, plus residential and other components in Central Pasco is a step closer to reality.

The proposed development, dubbed Project Arthur, will be located on 6,951 acres — east of the Suncoast Parkway, west of the CSX rail line and south of State Road 52.

In addition to the massive office park, there would be 11,495 residences and other supportive uses, under the proposal. A key element of the Plan is a 24 million square foot Corporate Business Park which would add significant employment opportunities to Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties.