Take Out Travel Insurance

We had a surprise in late January.

We were getting ready to visit my mother in South Africa when we received a call from her retirement home that she was not recovering from a shoulder operation. They encouraged us to start our visit immediately because there was a very real possibility that she might pass away very soon. So, we dropped everything, changed flights, (no easy task), and flew by way of London to South Africa. When we arrived she did not look as if she would make it through the night. But, she did and from that moment we saw slow but steady upward improvement. She even celebrated her 94th birthday. We left an iPad behind on this trip so we do Facetime several times a week. But, the big message I want to share with you—when making a significant trip in the country or abroad, take out travel insurance. The cost will be about 5% of your travel cost but can save you thousands as well as eliminate significant aggravation and inconvenience. Attached is a photos of where my mother is staying. It’s called Doone Village. And my mother continues to improve.

Doone Village South Africa