New Construction has a lot of plusses!

Plusses with New Construction.

With new construction you can find the dream home you’ve always wanted. It will take time and patience but we can help. Builders like having a Realtor supporting their customer in the design and construction of the new home. The Builders even include the Realtor commission in their budget for each new home they build. They like having a Realtor involved because we, as Realtors, have the experience and understanding of the process.

In new construction an experienced Realtor can help the buyer get the best and most incentives from the builder and this ranges from favorable interest rates to new appliances or special extras (if you know how to ask for them). Also, there is a time, when the papers have been signed, that the Buyer must go to the Design Center. At the Center the Buyer must decide on every item that goes into the construction of the new property. The range of decisions is generally between 250 and 500. It is an exhausting experience. A seasoned Realtor can help you keep all the decisions in hand and also make sure that the materials selected are compatible. A case in point—the wrong color floor covering can fight with every other design decision. We can help you avoid that issue. We have helped a number of our customers through the new home construction process including the regular walk-through inspections and the final “ punch-out “ meeting before you take occupancy.